Boppr Black Cards
Boppr Black Card- 5 Pack

Connection is a Bop away! Within seconds you can share your:

  • Smart Technology Transfer (As Shown In Video)
  • QR Equipped Backup
  • Contact Information
  • Social Media
  • Payment Platforms
  • Music Platforms
  • Booking Apps For Business Owners
  • And Much More

The other person doesn’t need the Boppr app or a Boppr to receive your information.

Boppr Black Card- 5 Pack


Getting Started is Easy!

1 Activate Your Boppr

Download the Boppr App on the App Store or Google Play to activate your Boppr tag.

2 Stick it

Stick your Boppr Tag to your device away from the area where you activated it.

3 Start Connecting

Place your Boppr Tag to someone's device and see how easy it is to make connections!
Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Boppr Black Card- 5 Pack

  1. Amir Fadel

    Verified Purchaser

    Works about 90% of the time, older androids suck but the QR code always comes in as a nice backup

  2. Tommie Block

    Verified Purchaser

    The squire integration for barbers is fire

  3. Eden Stokes

    Verified Purchaser

    Free fast shipping, unheard of but very nice to see!

  4. Willie Thompson

    Verified Purchaser

    Business cards have always been dated finally something that works

  5. Jacinto Gutkowski

    Verified Purchaser

    Artist should definitley use Boppr at their shows and utilize the QR code! I receive a lot of tips at shows now because I put up my profile venmo and cash app and square

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Boppr Black Card- 5 Pack

(5 customer reviews)
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Direct Users To Any Link Dynamically with Boppr Direct!

Turn Boppr Direct on, and users will be directed to your first link instead of your Boppr Profile when you bop with your Boppr Tag! Change your first link at anytime!

How it Works!

How to bop to iOS Devices

To Bop to iOS Devices place your Boppr Tag to the top of the device. The user will be directed to your Boppr profile upon clicking the notification.

How to bop to Android Devices

To Bop to Android Devices place your Boppr Tag to the middle back of their device. The User will be taken right to your Boppr Profile.

Boppr Tags

Never worry about leaving business cards at home, just bop with your phone

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